SOLTEC provides Sales, Customer Support, Product Service and Calibration for products sold within the North American market which includes the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico.

SOLTEC has dedicated over 45 years to providing quality Data Acquisition and Recording Instruments & Systems. Today’s products are designed to serve modern technology Test & Measurement applications from R&D to Preventive/Predictive Maintenance.

SOLTEC’s products now include:

AVIO (formerly NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co.) High Performance Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras and Systems for both handheld and fixed monitoring applications and the unique ability to record full Radiometric Thermal Images Synchronous with Analog Phenomena.

Multi-channel, High Speed Data Acquisition Recorders and Strip Chart Recorders.

STAHLE brand Vehicle Driving Robots for Vehicles, Motorcycles and ATVs; Transmission Shifters, Steering Systems for both dynamometer and autonomous testing applications.

AVIO Micro Joining Resistance and Reflow Welders, Ultrasonic Welders, and Automated Seam Sealer and Lid Tacking Systems.

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Featured products

C200/C210 - OEM IR Modules

Thermal Imaging Camera Module
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F30 - Compact IR Cameras

Pocket sized, economical Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera breakthrough.
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G120EX/G100EX - General Purpose IR Cameras

New EX Series with Upgraded Performance
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ImageIR 8300 hp Series

Category: High End Systems Detector format: (640 x 512) IR-Pixel
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ImageIR 9300 Series

Category: High End Systems Detector format: (1.280 x 1.024) IR-Pixel
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IR/V-T0831 - Uncooled Terahertz Imaging Camera

FPA based, palm size and light weight real-time THz imager
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LW-F300 Fiber Laser Welder

This is a single mode fiber laser welder with high quality beam spot. It realizes fine laser welding.
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NEW R500 Series Infrared Camera

Maximum Storage 1.2M pixels 4 Times Higher Resolution Infrared
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NEW High Power Inverter Type Welder
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R300SR - Super Resolution IR Camera

Full Featured Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with Super Resolution
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R300Z - High Resolution IR Cameras w/ x16 Optical / Digital Zoom

Telephoto & wide-angle fully radiometric infrared images, 4x optical plus 4x digital
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RM1100 - Compact High Speed Data Acquisition Recordery

Compact Portable Data Recorder
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SAP2000 - Vehicle Driving Robots

Robot Driver for Manual and Automatic Transmission Vehicles.
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TA220-2300AMF - Data Acquisition Recorders

Choice of Plug-in Signal Conditioning Modules to monitor Voltage, Temperature, AC & DC Strain, Current, Vibration, RMS.
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TS9260/TS9230 - Fixed Mount IR Cameras

high performance(320x240) Infrared Thermography
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Compatible to Precision Thermo-compression Bonding/Soldering by Pulse Heat - Friday, April 24, 2015
Desktop Pulse Heat System (Turn Table Type) TCW-2000 for the European Market
NEW Ultrasonic Metal Welder - Tuesday, December 16, 2014
SW-3500-20/SH-H3K7 Welds Copper/Aluminum Harnesses, Bus Bars, and Foil Laminates
NEW PRODUCT - Friday, August 08, 2014
Fiber Laser Welder LW-F300