Pulse Heat Welders by Avio

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Advantages of Pulse Heating Method

  • The Pulse Heating method has been shown to produce reliable soldering and thermo-compression because heating and cooling are applied under pressure.
  • Excellent heating temperature versus time repeatability without skilled labor.
  • Rapid pre-heating of part prior to final weld heat reduces thermal damage.
  • Works well on lead (Pb) free applications.

Advantages of Pulse Heating Unit

Real Time Temperature Profile  
  • Wide selection of Temperature Profiles guarantees high Quality Conrol
    • Incorporates Digital PID Control
  • Monitors and Alarms ensure High Joining Quality and Easy Operation
    • Temperature Monitoring: Upper & Lower Limit; Average and Peak Profile
    • Error Alarms: Overheat, TC Open, Temperature Slope & more
  • Standard Functions:
    • Reflow Conditions: 15
    • Up and down control signal for head movement and air-cooling
    • Auxiliary Thermocouple Input
    • RS-232C & I/O Interface


Pulse Heating Examples: Reflow Soldering, Thermo-Compression, Fusing

  •  Mobile Phone Application
    • LCD Assembly
    • CCD & CMOS Camera Assembly
    • Micro-Coaxial Cable Assembly
    • Sensor
    • Electrical Parts (Covered Wires)
      • Microphone & Speaker
      • Vibration Motor
      • Transformer
      • Coil
      • Capacitor
      • Resistor



Download Brochure:

Pulse Heat Welder Brochure Japanese/English version

Pulse Heat Welder Brochure English version

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