Pulse Heat Bonder

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Pulse Heat Bonder

The TCW-125 covers various applications such as ACF Bonding, Heat Seal Attachment or Reflow Soldering of PWB.

ACF Thermo-Compression Bonder TCW-125C
  • Semi-Automatic Equipment Accommodating the Heater Tool
  • It can be used for wide range of applications covering from thermo-compression bonding of ACF or heat seal of LCD to soldering
  • CCD Camera and LCD Monitor can be Connected as Options
    Work can be positioned while monitoring the image from the CCD camera

Items TCW-125C
Power Supply PHU-35
Tap Voltage 1.0V, 2.0 V, 3.0V
Heater Tool Length 110mm Max
Pressure 68.6 - 833N
Weight 180kg

Examples of Equipment Using Pulse Heat Unit

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