Pulse Heat System Head

Pulse Heat System Head

Product Features:

  • Highly Reliable Joining by Straight Pressurization Method
  • Equipped with Soft Landing and Teaching Function
  • Operation Speeds can be switched by Six (6) Steps
  • Operation Position can be set by Four (4) Points
  • Timing of Joining can be confirmed by LED Display
  • Welding Cable Weight does not influence Pressurization


Example of Motor & Controller


Items NA-201 CNT-310
Drive Methos Pulse Motor
Stroke Max 50mm, 10m Step
Power Source DC24 V 10% 2 A, Option:AC Adapter AC100 - 240V
Dimension / Weight 50(W) x 82.5(D) x 320(H) mm ≈ 2kg 30(W) x 211(D) x 188(H) mm ≈ 2kg

Heater Tip Type:





Air Drive
Manual Drive