Picture of L. 4202A - Compact Strip Chart Recorders

L. 4202A - Compact Strip Chart Recorders

Quick overview

Two (2) Pen Portable Strip Chart Recorder. Special Order Only – Call for Details

2 Pen Portable Strip Chart Recorder

This instrument is an AC powered portable strip chart recorder. The input spans are push button-selectable from eight calibrated ranges of 10 mV to 50 V. The pull-switch attenuator concentric with the ZERO control provides additional four ranges from 20 mV to 100 V using range vernier.

The screwdriver-adjustable VAR control offers continuously variable spans up to 100 V. The 50 mV calibrator is also conveniently used for quick span calibration, eliminating the need to connect an external standard calibrator. The chart speed is selectable from 24 ranges of 48 cm/min to 0.5 cm/hr and the rear panel CHART DRIVE jack gives an external chart speed control capability with external pulse train.

Includes 1-Red Pen, 1-Black Pen and 1-Roll of chart paper, at no additional charge.



  • Eight (8) calibrated ranges of 10mV to 50V.
  • 24 switch selected chart speeds from 48cm/min to 0.5cm/hr, each pen overlaps to write full 120mm chart width
  • disposable fiber pen-writing system
  • 0.3 sec full-scale pen speed
  • event marker push button for each channel/pen
  • rear panel jack for external chart speed control
  • An adjustable VAR control offers continuously variable spans up to 100V and a built-in 50mV calibrator provides quick on-site span calibration, eliminating the need to connect an external standard calibrator. 



  • 2 Channels with Isolated Inputs
  • 2 Pens, Each Writes Full Scale 120mm
  • 8 Input Ranges
  • Variable Venier between ranges
  • 24 Switch Selected Chart Speeds
  • 100% Zero Adjustment
  • Built-in 50mV Calibration Source
  • Push Button Event Markers
  • Z-fold paper
  • Disposable Fiber Tip, Red & Black Color Pens


Measuring System Null balance, potentiometric, DC servo system
Input Spans

Eight calibrated ranges

10mV, 100mV, mV, 1V, 10V x1 Full Scale

50mV, 500mV, 5V, 50V x5 Full Scale

Maximum Input

30VDC for10, 50, 100mV and 500mV Ranges

100VDC for1, 5, 10V and 50V Ranges

VAR control Front panel adjustable continously variable between input ranges up to 100V
Input Impedance 1 Megohm on all ranges
Source Impadence 10 kilohms maximum on all ranges
Freq response DC to 1Hz for 100%full span
Accuracy DC to 1.5Hz for 66% full span
Error BTW Ranges ±0.5% of full span (fixed ranges) (°23C)
Linearity ±0.5% (23°C)
Dead Band ±0.4% of full span (at 1V range)
Temperature Drift 20µV/°C
Zero Adjustment Continous zero adjustment over full span. 0 to 100% with a front panel control. Zero check switch provided

Writing System

Disposable fiber-tip pens

Red for Channel A (P/N: PF-0701) Black for Channel B (P/N: PF-0102)

Pen Lifter Manual pen lift seperately provided for each channel
Event Marker MAnual seperately provided for each channel
Writing Speed 250mm/sec. approx. 0.3sec full scale

120mm calibrated with Z-fold chart paper

15 meters long, 37.5mm folds (ZM1-01-12-15M)

Chart Speeds

0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16x1 or 3cm/min and cm/hr

24calibrates speeds

Ezternal chart drive is provided through near panel jack

(0.025mm per two pulses at chart speed cm/mm TTL level, up to 300 pulses per sec)

Chart speed accuracy: ±1%

Supply Voltage

AC: 100, 115, 220, 240V 50/60Hz

(Accepts any line fequency in the range)

Delivered wired for 115V AC unless otherwise specified

Power consumption: Approx. 15V AC unless otherwise specified

Approx. 20 VA in unbalanced condition

DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT 150(H) x 280(W) x 200(D) mm Approx. 5kg
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