Nippon Avionics

Micro Joining Equipment • Infrared Thermal Camera • Industrial Measuring Instruments

  1. Development, design and sales of data processing systems
  2. Manufacture and sales of electric equipment such as data processing equipment, aviation equipment, communication equipment, image processing equipment, manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, electric measuring equipment, etc.
  3. Manufacture and sales of electronic devices and parts such as printed wiring boards, hybrids IC's etc.
  4. Production and sales of software related to data processing systems and electronic computers
  5. Design, superintendence and contract of electric power implementation and electric telecommunication implementation
  6. Manufacture and sales of various equipment and parts related to and/or associated with those referred to in the preceding paragraphs
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Can Sealer

NAW-1099: Sealing quality with high reliability that reduces package damage. High reliability assures long life of packages
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In N2 gas Type/Full Automatic Type

Crystal & SAW, Optical device, Sensor
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LW-F300 Fiber Laser Welder

This is a single mode fiber laser welder with high quality beam spot. It realizes fine laser welding.
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C200/C210 - OEM IR Modules

Thermal Imaging Camera Module
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