Seen correctly, Stähle GmbH's corporate history began as far back as 1984 with the founding of the firm of Kurt Stähle Steuergeräte (Kurt Stähle Control Devices). Only a few years after being established, the company was able to provide customers with a comprehensive spectrum of products offering specialised solutions for problems involving the fields of measurement, regulation and medical technology.

On Sept. 21, 1987, the firm of Kurt Stähle Steuergeräte was split up into the two companies Stähle GmbH and Ingenieurbüro Kurt Stähle. The products are produced and distributed by Stähle GmbH. The resources of Ingenieurbüro Kurt Stähle are available for newly developing and refining hardware and software.

Stähle GmbH is a high-performance family enterprise using the most modern CAM-assisted CNC machinery. A high degree of manufacturing autonomy combined with modern cost-oriented management enables the company to offer high flexibility at favorable production costs.

For research and development projects, Ingenieurbüro Kurt Stähle has the most modern CAD and CAE tools at their disposal. The only thing we see as conservative about ourselves is our obligation to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers.

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Brake Actuator
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Actuator for Accelerator Pedal
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Actuator for Remote Control of Accelerator Pedal
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Actuator for Accelerator & Brake pedal with Brake Force Measurement.
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