G. F30 - Compact IR Cameras

Quick overview

Pocket sized, economical Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera breakthrough.

F30W - Measuring Range: -20°C to +350°C

F30S - Measuring Range: -20° to +100°C 

This unique, pocket sized F30 Thermal Imaging Camera features:

An industry first viewing of overlaid visual and temperature data images.
3-point temperature measurement (image center, maximum or minimum and selected one point).
Colored Alarm Function for separating areas at high and low temperature delta temperature measurement feature to show difference of image center and selected one point.
Operates from 3 easily accessed, rechargeable, standard AA internal batteries with up to 1000 images per charge and from AC power using adapter.
Focus free operation from 1.3meter (4.3’) with focal length adjustable with large focus ring down to 10cm.
Quick mode dial to set and take pictures without reading a manual.
Choice of camera body colors for user inventory control.


PCB reflow analysis, PCB component heating, affordable price for Agricultural, Forestry and Livestock Industry, Food Industry, Zoo, Veterinary and Pet shop, Presentation tool for Ecology, Environmental & Health treatments, Cosmetics, Esthetic clinic, Massage, Sports club, Spa & Cure house, Commercial and Residential Real Estate sales tool, HVAC equipment, Exhibition hall, Science museum, Art museum, Resource center, Recreation hall for children, Junior high school, High school, Technical college and Academy, Police, Fire fighting, Security company, Maintenance shop for automobile, motor cycle and boat.

Predictive & Preventative Maintenance (PPM) of Power Equipments

Generally, a contractor who undertakes work from a power company diagnoses heat level of the power equipments & the parts on a regular basis, after they install the equipments. They specify an area suspected to have defect with thermal images from an infrared camera for PPM purpose.


Research & Development of Electronic Components

Electronic components have become high integrated with rapid speed. Heat of electronic components mounted on a PCB board often causes failure of the electronic product. Well considered thermal design of circuit is requited at the development stage. Infrared camera is useful for the heat release design or confirmation of the heat state without contacting to the electronic components.


Quality Evaluation of Heating & Cooling Equipments

Infrared camera helps thermal design of floor heating system or electrical carpet, or effectiveness measurement of air heating system. It is also used as a diagnostic device of heat insulting effect measurement of buildings, following energy-saving measures of EU or other countries.

Basic Specifications Measuring Range -20°C to +100°C -20°C to +350°C
Thermal Sensititvity (NETD) 0.1°C (at 30°C) 0.2°C (0.1°C with S/n Improvement)
Infrared Detector Uncooled focal plane array (microbolometer)
Spectral Range 8 to 13µm
Frame Rate 8.5 frames/sec
Resolution 160(H) x 120(V) pixels
Field of View 28°(H) x 21°(V)
Spatial Resolution (I.F.O.V.) 3.1mrad
Focus Distance 10cm to Infinity (temperature accuracy is not assured at 50cm or closer)
Focus Manual (at 1.3m or over: Focus-Free)
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% whichever is greater
Measuring Functions Visible Light Camera 1.3M pixels
Point Values Center, MAX/MIN, Moveable (1 Point), ΔT
Emissivity Correction Provided
Background Compensation Provided
Isotherm Provided
Alarm Display Alarm, Color Alarm
Image Improvement Provided
Color Palette Three (3) Types Available: Rainbow, Iris,m Brightness
Image Display  Monitor 2.7" LCD
Image Storage  Format JPEG with Data (for Post Analysis and Temperature Scale Change)
Storage Medium SD Card
Thumbnail Display Nine (9) Images
Interface USB 2.0 Provided
Video Output Provided
Power Supply Batteries Rechargeable NiMH Batteries - Three (3) pieces
AC Power Available with an Optional AC Adapter
Sleep Mode Provided
Automatic Shutoff Provided
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature -15°C to 50°C
Protection IP43
Dimensions Approx. 100(L) x 65(H) x 45(W)mm
Weight Approx. 300g (including three (3) batteries

Thermal Image

Visible Image

Camera Body:



Standard Accessories:
  • AC Adapter
  • Power Cable (for AC Adapter
  • Battery Charger
  • Rechargeable NiMH Batteries (3)
  • SD Card (1GB)
  • USB Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Soft Case
  • Viewer Software
  • Operation Manual
  • Warranty Certificate
  • Video Cable
  • Analysis Software
  • Tripod
Measurement Distance and FOV:



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Manufacturer: Nippon Avionics