G120EX/G100EX - General Purpose IR Cameras

Quick overview

New EX Series with Upgraded Performance

Measures high temperature up to 1500°C
Resolution: 0.04°C(with S/N improvement at 30°C)


'Averaging Improvement' function for better image quality

Minimizes residual images of moving object while averaging

Existing averaging Function

With 'Averaging Improvement'

  •  Standard grip belt for better safety & operability



Newly Developed Image Processor

  • Averaging, Median Filter,Edge Enhancement

Alarm Function:

  • Vibration

Thermal Image Movie

  • Direct Recording on SD Card in Fully Radiometric (G120EX:10fps, G120EXD:8.5fps)

Wide-Angle Shot

  • Thermal Image Panorama

ITEM G120EX                    G100EX                  
Basic Performance Measuring Range

-40°C to 500°C

R1: -20°C to 60°C

R2 -40°C to 120°C

R3: 0°C to 500°C

R4: 350°C to 1500°C

Resolution (NETD) -0.04°C (with S/N improvement at 30°C)

R1, R2, R3: ±2°C or ±2% of Reading, whichever is greater

R4: ±2°C or less with full scale*

Infrared Detector Uncooled Focal Plane Array
Thermal Image Pixels 320(H) x 240(V) pixels
Spectral Range 8 to 14µm
Frame Rate 60 frames/sec (8.5 frames/sec available)
Field of View Spatial Resolution (IFOV)

32°(H) x 24°(V) (Standard Lens Fl=14mm)


Focusing Range 10cm to Infinity (Standard Lens) (For temperature Accuracy: 30cm to Infinity)
A/D Resolution 14 bits
Operation/Image Quality Improvement Automatic Focus Auto/Manual
Setting of Lecel/Sense/Span Auto/Manual
Operation Support Function Setting of Item/ Each Function/ Status is displayed by icon
Multiple Language Menu 16 Languages: Enlgish, Danish, Butch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chines
Correcting Function Correction for Emissivity, Distance, Environmental Reflection and Background
Averaging Provided
Median Filter Provided
Edge Enhancement Provided Not Included
Display Performance Thermal/Visual Image Fusion Display Fusion Display of Thermal Image/Visual Image, Parallel Display of Thermal Image/Visual Image
Color Palette Rainbow, Iris, Brightness, Color, Hot Iron, Hot Black, Hot White
Gradation 256, 16 and 8 tones
Thumbnail Display 9 Image Display
Digital Zoom 1 to 4 times
Measurement Performance Panoramic Shooting Function Provided (Scan Synthesis) Not Included
Multipoint Temperature Display Center, Max or Min & 5 points
Multipoint Emissivity Correction 5 points
Emissivity Back Calculation Function Provided
Temperature Difference between Two (2) Points Provided
Temperature Analysis Function in Assigned Region Temperature Display of MAX/MIN/AVG in Assigned Region (for up to 5 boxes)
Profile Horizontal / Vertical
Alarm Function Mode(s): Alarn Sound, Alarm Display, Vibration Alarm (G120 & G120EX Only), Color Alarm ON/OFF, Setting Determination Temperature, External Alarm Output
Data Storage

Storage Device SD Card, Corresponding to SDHC
Thermal Image Movie Provided (10fps) Storage in SD Card Not Included
Still Image Radiometric JPEG
Interval Image Capturing 3 sec to 60 min, Automatic Recording of Thermal Image
Event Trigger Recording Provided
Interface USB 2.0 Mass Storage Function.
Alarm Output Contact Closure. No Voltage.
Video Output NTSC /PAL Changeover (Simultaneous use is unable with LCD)
Others Laser Pointer Provided (Class - 2Red Color)
Visual Camera 2 Mega pixels CMOS Camera
LED Light Provided
Voice Annotation 30 sec Recording/Replay per image
Text Annotation Annotate up to 128 characters with each Thermal Image. Import characters from SD Card
Display Unit 3.5" color LCD Monitor (320x 240) with Tilt function and brightness control function
PC Software InfRec Analyzer NS9500LT (Limited Function Version), provided as Standard Accessory
Standard Accessories Hard Case, Battery Pack, Battery Charger, AC Adaptor, Wristband, SD Card, Operation Manual, Grip Belt & USB cable (Only with EX series)
Power Rechargeable Battery Lithium-ion Battery Pack (2,500mAh); 4 hours of Continous USe
AC Power (AC Adaptor) 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
 Power Consumption 4.3W (typical)
Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature -15°C to +50°C / 90%RH
Vibration/Shock 29.4m/sec2 (3G) / 294m/sec2 (30G)
EMC Compliant to CE (Class-A)
Dust-Proof/Splash-Proof Construction Protection CodeL IP54 Equivalent
Dimension Approx. 212mm (H) x 76mm(W) x 138(D)mm (excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 800g (including Battery Pack)

Options Specifications / Remarks
2x Telephoto Lens 16° (H) x 12°(V)0.89mrad(f=28mm)
Rechargeable Battery Pack (2500mAh) Driving Hours : 4 Hours(typical)
Battery Charger 110v or 220v
Portable Power for longer operation Case for 2 extra batteries (battery not included)
LCD Hood -
Video cable 3.5 mm plug , 2m
Tripod(small) -
InfReC Analyzer Standard PC Software
2nd year warranty -



 Panoramic Thermal Image Camera with a 3.5 inch Multi-Angle LCD Screen!

  • Record Thermal Video at 10 frames/sec (G120 & G120EX only)

  • Automatically Capture Thermal Images at User Defined Intervals Between 3 seconds and 60 minutes

  • Panoramic (G120 only & G120EX), Vertical or Horizontal Pan Mode for tall/wide objects

  • Excellent Resolution of 0.08°C on a 320(H) x 240(V) pixel format with standard 14mm lens

  • -40°C to 500°C Temperature Range (Extended Option: 350°C to 1,500°C)

  • 60 frames/second with a focal range of 10cm to infinity

  • Digital Zoom from 1x to 4x with a 5-Point Multi Temperature Display

  • Thumbnail Display of up to Nine (9) Frames Simultaneously

  • Temperature Search Mode (high/low) with Audible and Vibrating Alarm (G120 only & G120EX) Functions

  • SD Card Onboard Storage with USB Port and Video Monitor Output

  • Li-Ion battery pack provides four (4) Hours of Runtime (typical)

  • Packaged Software for PC Analysis and Report Generation

By panning the camera in a horizontal or vertical plane, a Panoramic Thermal Image is recorded without a need for position alignment. This feature provides fast, wide angle, fully radiometric images for reports and analysis.




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Manufacturer: Nippon Avionics