Picture of IR/V-T0831 - Uncooled Terahertz Imaging Camera

IR/V-T0831 - Uncooled Terahertz Imaging Camera

Quick overview

FPA based, palm size and light weight real-time THz imager


  • QVGA format
  • High sensitivity
  • "Lock In" for SNR improvement


  • Beam Pofiling
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Process Control



Example of THz source

Quantum cascade laser

Fequency: 3THz, Power: 6.6µW

*Above image is generated from acquired data using off-the shelf software.


Detector Uncooled microbolometer
Array format 320x240 - 23.5 m pitch
Field of view 15.0 x 11.2 (Eqquipped with option lens IRV-TL028)
Noise equivalent power (NEP) (1) <100pw 4thz="" td="">
Frequency range (1) 1~7 THz
Signal outputs

Digital image data: USB 2.0

Sync. Signal: BNC

Frame rate 30Hz
Lock In Function

Sync. Signal: 15Hz, 7.5Hz, 3.75HZ, 1.875Hz

TTL output: +5V


Operation temperature 0~35°C / al <80%RH
Power 12 VDC
Weight approx. 550g (excl. lens and filter)
Accessories USB cable, Filter adapter, Viewer software, User's manual


  • IR/V-TL028: THz lens ( F/1.0 ), 28.2mm.
  • IR/V-TF030: Infrared blocking filter {Cut off frequency approx. 300±20cm-1 (≈9THz)}


(1) NEP and Frequency range are based on evaluation and calculated results. These performaces are not guaranteed because of no standard testing method in the world.


This product utilizes the results of the research funded by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NCIT) of Japan.

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