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Quick overview

The THz microscope is composed of uncooled palm-size THz imager and high-power compact quantum cascade laser (QCL).


  • THz imager
    • Uncooled microbolometer
    • QVGA format
    • High sensitivity
    • Real-time imaging
  • High-power QCL
  • "Lock In" for SNR improvement



  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Food inspection (Detection of foreign substances)
  • Non-destructive testing

                Clip in flour (Visible Image)                              Clip in flour (THz image)

System outlook


THz Image Examples

  •  Foreign substances of similar densities in flour


              Nylon String (ɸ300µm)                              Human hair (ɸ70µm)

THz imager IRV-T0831C


Frame rate

Integration functions

Lock-in imaging function

Uncooled microbolometer, 320x240 pixels

8.5 Hz

Frame integration, Spatial filter

Synchronizing signal: 4.29Hz, 2.14Hz, 1.43Hz, 1.07Hz

THz Microscopic optics

Magnification ratio

Numerical aperture

Working distance

Infrared blocking filter

e.g., 1

e.g., 0.5

e.g., 30mm

Cut-on wavelength: ca 30um

THz illumination optics   e.g., From ca. 3 to 10mm in diameter
THz radiation source

THz source


QCL (manufactured by LongWave Photonics, LLC) 2.83THz

This product utilizes the result of the research funded by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NCIT) of Japan.


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