LW-F300 Fiber Laser Welder

Quick overview

This is a single mode fiber laser welder with high quality beam spot. It realizes fine laser welding.

Air-cooled, Space-saving Desktop Model LW-F300

Most Suitable for Al, Cu and Ultra-precision Welding!

This is a single mode fiber laser welder with high quality beam spot. It realizes fine laser welding.

  • Highly Reflective Material can be Welded as Well High energy density, high quality single mode laser
  • Stable Welding Even during Ambient Temperature Change or Immediately after Start-up
  • Steady output is achieved by optical power digital feedback control
  • For Seam Welding, High Speed Welding Continuous output of preset waveform is available
  • Minimize Influence from Work Height Change
  • Long depth of focus enables vertical incidence
  • Low Power Consumption Contributes to Energy Saving
  • Laser oscillator of low power consumption structure using a long life single emitter laser diode

Major Applications Exciter Source Laser Medium
Welding of Metal (difficult to work material such as aluminum and copper)
or Micro Components
Laser Diode Optical Fiber

Oscillation Waveform

  • Arbitrary Waveform Pulse Waveform Continuous Waveform

Beam Profile

Thin and Deep Melt-in by Micro Beam Spot Diameter

Beam Profile (Measured by Beam Profiler)


Max Rated Power 300W 1000W
  • Welding of thin plate of aluminum and copper
  • Welding of micro work piece
Example: welding of metallic components for rechargeable battery or fuel cell
  • Welding of plate or laminated foils of aluminum and copper
  • Welding of micro work piece
Example: welding of metallic components for rechargeable battery , inverter or power device
Features Space-saving Air-cooled, Desktop Type High output power which enables welding of various materials

Welding Image

Oscillator Structure

Normal Incidence to the Work is Possible

As the generator has a structure that is resistant to reflected light from the work, it prevents operation stop or failure caused by the reflected light.

Various Laser Output Waveform Control

  • Minimum 0.1msec step setting
  • Equipped with seam welding mode
  • High speed repetitive output with maximum 5,000Hz frequency
  • Color graphic display of preset and output value
Waveform Control Display


Items          LW-F300 LW-F1000
Wave Length          1070nm 1080nm
Max Rated Power          300W (Class 4) 1000W (Class 4)
Max Frequency          5000Hz 5000Hz
Output Mode Arbitrary waveform(Single,Repeat,Seam),CW,Analog control Profile mode (arbitrary waveform, CW), Stylized waveform mode, Rectangular pulse mode (modulated)
Monitor Display Laser output(W), Laser energy(J), Average output(W)
Alarm Function Laser output, Temperature, Electric current, Fiber breakage
Cooling Method Air Water *1
Power Source AC 200-240V ±10%, 1Φ, 50/60Hz AC200V ±10%, 3Φ, 50/60Hz, 30A
Max Power Consumption 2.6kW or less 6kW or less
Dimension / Weight W410 x D600 x H370mm (excluding protrusion) Approx. 58 kg W650 x D865 x H1150mm (excluding protrusion) Approx. 180kg

Galvano Scanner System


  • Demonstrate its performance to the maximum level by using it in combination with LW-F1000
  • High speed and high precision welding can be achieved

System Configuration Scan Head *1, Control Box, Control PC, PC Monitor, Dedicated Software
Scan Area 150mm x 150mm
Max Scan Speed 2000mm/sec
Work Distance 374mm
Control Method Digital Control
Welding Mode Spot Welding Mode, CW Welding Mode, Seam Welding Mode
Applicable Laser Model Single Mode Fiber Laser Welder LW-F1000
Design Wavelength: 1080nm
Permission Laser Power: Max CW 1000W
Cooling Method Water
Power Source AC100 - 240V ±10%、50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption 180W or less *2
Dimension / Weight Scan Head: W150 x D436 x H241mm 11kg
Control Box: W300 x D310 x H123mm 7kg

*1: Including collimation lens and fθ lens
*2: Not including control PC

Output Head with Camera

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Combined with the observation system unit, a welding positioning can be easily done
  • Allows customizing welding as required by a variety of applications
For LW-F300 For LW-F1000


  • Our laser welder products comply with the "Safety of laser products" of Japanese Industrial Standards and the "Preventive measures against interference by laser beam", a notice from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • When using a laser welder, please make sure to follow the instruction manual and label or caution note displayed on or attached to the product.

Laser Beam

  • Our laser welder products correspond to class 4 laser. Make sure not to have the beam emitted from the laser welder get directly into your eyes.
    Even the reflected light or the scattered light is very dangerous. Be careful not to have the light get into your eyes.
  • In case the laser beam is irradiated on human body, there is a possibility for a serious interference to be caused. Be sure to wear a laser protection gear within an area where the laser beam may reach you.
  • Do not irradiate laser beam into the air. Be sure to terminate.
  • Do not irradiate laser toward an inflammable object. A fire may be caused.

High Voltage

  • When replacing a flash bulb or removing the power supply cover, turn the power OFF and wait for 5 minutes before doing so.
  • Be sure to ground the ground terminal of the chassis.

Handling of Laser Welder

  • Appoint a laser safety administrator.
  • Establish a laser controlled zone for safety control.
  • Never modify the equipment.

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Manufacturer: Nippon Avionics