New High Power Inverter Type Welding Power Supply

Monday, September 30, 2013


New High Power Inverter Type Welding Power Supply NRW-IN16K4

- Welds High Conductivity Materials (Cu, Al, etc.)

- Fuses Large Parts



New Product Features

  • Fuse welding (welding of coil wire and terminals) of large motors that require large 16,000 Ampere current capacity and long welding times up to 3 seconds duration!  
  • Weld high conductivity materials, such as Cu and Al, using the efficient control of large currents uniquely provided by this new welding inverter power supply system.
  • New standard features include a welding waveform graphic color display and waveform memory; an industry first for models offering the same output current level. This convenient display allows easy setting of welding conditions and control of weld quality easily achieved.


Welding Performance

1) Expanded Welding Applications: Maximum Welding Current of 16,000 Amperes is two times higher than previously offered by Avio.

This higher current capacity allows fuse welding of large parts and welding of high conductivity materials.

2) Industry’s Longest Welding Time for 16,000 Ampere Current Capacity (1) (2):  Up to three (3) seconds duration.   

With up to 3 seconds welding duration, Avio’s new Model NRW-IN16K4 It can be used for resistance brazing where long welding duration is required.


Multiple Useful Functions

1) Accommodates Various Welding Requirements Based on Its Multi Control Modes

Various welding procedures, including welding quality and productivity, are easily implemented by selection of constant current, constant voltage or constant power modes.

2) Stable Welding Quality Based on Pre-weld Judgment Function

Abnormality of welded object or electrode can be detected by flowing extremely small current for a short time and measuring the resistance between the objects to be welded before the actual welding process. This avoids damage to products and to the welding electrode due to sparking.

3) Expanded Welding Applications with Increased Memory Capacity for up to 255 Welding Conditions - an 8 times increase from Avio’s earlier models!

Multiple welding points can be welded under different welding conditions, for example, in the production of motors.

4) Input Voltage of 400 V Standard is Useful in the Global Market

Standard: 3 phase / 400 V (380 – 415 V)

Optional: 3 phase / 200 V (200 – 230 V)


Setting and Monitoring Functions- Another Idustry First for a 16,000 Ampere Capacity Unit(1)

1) Graphic Display of Welding Waveform Simplifies the Setting of Welding Conditions and Enhances Quality Control

As the welding conditions and welding result are displayed graphically, setting of welding conditions or judgment conditions is straightforward.

2) Waveform Memory Function Enables Efficient Setting of Optimum Conditions

The Graphically displayed Welding Waveforms may be stored for review, analysis of the welding data, and comparison with past data for analysis of defective welds.

3) Ample Monitoring Functions Contribute to Improvement of Welding Reliability and to Stable Production

In addition to the limit monitor, profile monitor and trace monitor, functions to detect overcurrent, overheating and no-current are also included as standard safety features.

(1) Based on our research as of September 2013

(2)  Maximum current of 9,500A at 3 seconds welding duration


Application Examples

Welding of Large Motor Coil and Terminal

Welding of Copper (Cu) Bus Bar



With the addition of the new Model NRW-IN16K4, Avio’s inverter type resistance welding power supply series is expanded to include three (3) models with maximum current capacities of 4,000A, 8,000A, and the new high capacity 16,000A.  Avio’s inverter type resistance welding power supplies are highly respected and commonly used for manufacturing electronic components and electronic devices. Furthermore, Avio shall concurrently release a new, large capacity welding head, Model NA-126, to be used with the new high current capacity Model NRW-IN16K4 power supply. The NA-126 weld head can apply maximum force of 1,800N (Newton), 405lb-f (pound-force).


Welding Power Supply with High Power Welding Head


Model NRW-IN16K4 Welding Power Supply with Model NA-126 Welding Head



Power Supply



Welding Transformer


Maximum Current

16000 A (200V Option: 12000 A)

Control Frequency

2 kHz

Control Mode

Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power,  Fixed Pulse Width

Range of Timer Setting

1st, 2nd, 3rd, UP, WELD, DOWN
Total Time 1 - 3000 ms

Setting Range for Weld Type

Current: 0.4 - 16 KA
Voltage: 0.4 - 6.2 V
Power: 0.2 - 49.2 KW

Current, Voltage, Power,
Resistance, Monitoring

Average / Peak / Profile

Trace Monitoring

Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance

Display of Wave Form

Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance

Number of Condition




Cooling Method


Power Source

AC380 - 415 V, 3Φ
(Option: AC200 - 230 V, 3Φ)

Dimension / Weight

W280 x D410 x H470 mm / Approx. 35 kg





Maximum Current

16000 A (200V Option: 12000 A)

Cooling Method


Dimension / Weight

W198 x D420 x H357 mm / Approx. 48 kg


High Power Welding Head



Pressure Range

300 - 1800 N

Pressurizing Method


Drive Method


Dimension / Weight

W309 x D305 x H908 mm / 60 kg

Available from SOLTEC Corporation in North America, for Questions Regarding the Above, Please Contact:

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