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In-Vehicle Laptop PC Stand

  • Universal, fast mounting: Adapter plate clamped to seat rails of the vehicle
  • Air-bag safe design: Build in swivel point
  • Mounting plate for additional devices
  • Mounting socket for sensors with adjustment and spirit level “eye” for horizontal adjustment


This universal laptop stand is designed for a safe, stable and quick installation into vehicles to be used for road tests.

The fixing to the vehicle chassis is done by a universal adapter plate which is clamped to the end of the vehicle’s seat rails (passenger seat).
This proven design is used and well established at other applications like robot driver mounting, actuator mounting, sensor system mounting.

The stand has an integrated swivel point with a defined break out force. This ensures that in case of an air bag explosion the upper part with thelaptop will follow the air bag and will be knocked to the seat.

Additional devices can be mounted to the stand
Therefore the device has

  • Vertical mounting plate for additional devices
  • Adjustable sensor socket: A build in “liquid eye” (spirit level) allows the horizontal adjustment

The design is solid & light weighted and very flexible in adjustments.

Other customized versions are possible on request.

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Manufacturer: Stähle