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R300SR - Super Resolution IR Camera

Quick overview

Full Featured Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with Super Resolution

InfRec R300SR Series

Highly Sensitive, High Resolution, High Quality

Thermal Image Capturing for Thermographers.


Onboard Super Resolution Processing Improves Thermal Image Quality Using

4x Pixel Count Enhancement

Multi-frame Super Resolution Processing is a technology that restores the details originally inherent to the object while enhancing the resolution and minimizing fuzziness and noise of the image. 


This is accomplished by performing sophisticated calculations on continuous multi-frames of the image.


Standard: 320 x 240 pixels                  Spatial resolution: 1.2 mrad

Super Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels       Spatial resolution: equivalent to 0.8 mrad*2


Sensor Format Image (320 x 240 pixels)


Super Resolution Mode Image (640 x 480 pixels)

*2 This increased resolution results from detecting characteristic points within all frames  and aligning them to compensate for small vibrations such as those introduced by by hand movement.


The analysis software named "InfReC Analyzer NS9500" installed within the R300SR series cameras includes the additional Super Resolution feature which enables edge enhancement of the captured object’s thermal image. Edge enhancement creates clearer images making it easier to see small temperature differences such as one might find near a tiny crack.

Auto synthesis accuracy in thermal image panoramic photographing mode is enhanced

By applying super resolution technology, characteristic points are extracted from six continuous frames of an image from which highly accurate panoramic synthesis is realized.

(Horizontally equivalent to approximately 70°, and vertically equivalent to approximately 53°)




Scroll Digitally Zoomed Images Using Convenient Scroll Indicator.

Both super resolution image data and panoramic image data can be displayed in continuous zoom up to four (4)times. The scroll indicator feature allows any portion of the image to be easily enlarged to see more details while current image position is shown.

standard 2x digital zoom 3x digital zoom 4x digital zoom


Frame Rate Model Features
60Hz R300SR Standard model
R300SR-H High temperature measurement model
R300SR-S High resolution model
8.5Hz R300SR-D Standard model
R300SR-HD High temperature measurement model
R300SR-SD High resolution model


 User Friendly Operation

View Finder, Big Lens Tube

Ergonomically Sound. Large Focus Ring, Multi-angle Tilting 3.5 inch LCD Display and two (2) Shutter-buttons ensure flexible and comfortable shooting position.




Full Automatic Function

Instant adjustment of the thermal images

Temperature scale and focus are automatically and simultaneously adjusted by one button on full automatic function.

Built in high-speed motor grants swift focus adjustment.



ITEM R300SR R300SR-D R300SR-H R300SR-HD R300SR-S R300SR-SD
Basic Performance Measuring Range -40° to 500°C -40° to 2000°C -40° to 120°C
Sensitivity (NETD) 0.03° at 30°C (with S/N improvement) 0.025° at 30°C (with S/N improvement)
Accuracy ±1°*2 ±2° or ±2%
Frame Rate 60HZ 8.5Hz 60Hz 8.5Hz 60Hz 8.5Hz
Detector Pixels 320(H) x 240(V) pixels
Recording Pixels 640(H) x 480(V) pixels (with SR mode) *3
Field of View 22°(H) x 17°(V) (with standard lens)
Spatial Resolution

Standard: 1.2mrad, SR mode: equivalent to 0.8mrad*1

(with standard lens)

Focal Distance 10cm to infinity (with Standard lens) *4
Image Display Auto Auto-scale, Auto-focus, Full-auto
Color Pallet Brightness,Hot Black, Hot Iron, Hot White, Iris, Olive, Rainbow
Gradiation 256 / 32 / 16 / 8 tones
Visual Camera CMOS camera 3.1M pixels, Fusion, Picture-In-Pictures, Alpha Blending, Split-Screen
Display Functions Digital Zoom 1 to 4 times continous zoom (with display positioning scroll)
Grid Overlay Provided
Multi-Image- Display Diplay 9 images (replay mode)
Image Quality Improvement Averaging Off /4 8 / 16 (with ghost rejection)
Edge Enhancement Provided
Measuring Functions Point Temperature   10 Moveable Point
Temperature Search MAX, MIN
Delta Temperature Provided
Temperature Display in Assigned Region MAX, MIN, and AVG in Box (for up to 5 boxes)
Line Profile Horizontal, Vertical, or Horizontal & Vertical
Alarm Function Alarm Sound, Alarm Display, Color Alarm (ISO), Ext Alarm Output, Alarm Recording
Temperature Correction Function   Emissivity, Environment/Background, Distance, NUC
Emmissivity Multi-Point Correction, Emissivity Reverse Calculation, Emissivity Table
Storage / Output Data Storage  

Still Image: JPEG with temperature Data (14bit),

Movie: SVX file (exclusive), Visual Image Simultaneously Record

Super Resolution Provided
Panoramic Image Horizontal E
External Trigger Provided
Interval Recording 3sec to 60 min, Visual Image Simultaneously Recorde
Movie Recording Max 10fps in SD card
Voice Recording 30sec Recording / Replay per Image
Text Annotation

Annotate up to 256 Characters with each Thermal Image

Import Characters from SD card

Interface USB 2.0 Mass-Storage / Image Transfer (Thermal Image Import Max 60Hz, Visual Image Max 7.5Hz) *5*6
Mass Storage *6
Video Output NTSC or PAL
Alarm Output Provided (Contract Closure. No Voltage)
External Trigger Input Provided (Pulse Signal)
Auxiliary Measuring Functions Graphical User Interface's Supported Language English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Sweddish, Dutch, Chinese (traditional, Simplified), Korean, and Japanese
Display 3.5" LCD Monitor (with Tilt and Brightness Adjustment), Color View Finder (with Tilt Mechanism)
Auxiliary Laser Pointer Provided (Class-2 Red color)
LED Light Provided
Wired Remote Control Unit Provided
Others Environment Resistance Operating Temperature / Humidity -15°C to 5°0C, 90%RH
Vibration / Shock 29.4m/sec2 (3G), 294m/sec2 (30G)
Dust / Splash Proof IP54
Battery Operation 2 hours (typ), Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Dimensions Approx. 121mm(H) x 105mm(W) x 193mm(D) (excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 1.3kg (Including Battery Pack)
Standard Accessories AC Adapter x1, Battery Charger x1, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery x1, SD Card x1, USB Cable x1, Wristband x1, Grip Belt x1, Software x1, Operation MAnual x1, and Carrying Case x1
Standard Software InfRec Analyzer NS9500Pro InfRec Analyzer NS9500Std

*1 This increased resolution results from detecting characteristics points within all frames acquired by the SR process and removing such effects as those caused by hand vibration.

*2 Operating Temperature: 10º to 40ºC 

*3 Static image only

*4 For specified Temperature Accuracy: 30 to cm to infinity

*5 R300SR-D/R300SR-HD: Thermal Image Max 8.5Hz, Visual Image Max 7.5Hz

*6 Real-Time Image Transfer for PC monitor and capture supported when used with N9500Pro (bundled with R300SR/R300SR-D/R300SR-H/R300SR-HD. optional for R300SR-S/R300SR-SD)


Visual / Thermal Fusion, simultaneous shooting

Fusion and Picture-In-Picture with Alpha Blending, and Split-Screen Display of Thermal / Visual Image

Various visible image composition modes, allow easy comparison between thermal image and visible image.


Split Screen Fusion



Close Focus with standard lens

Realize 80μm minimum Spatial Resolution (SR mode) at 10cm distance.

A standard lens with 10 cm close focus capability combined with Multi-frame Super Resolution Technology yields a 80μm Spatial Resolution.


focal distance: 30cm focal distance: 10cm

Wired Remote Control

Unit is a standard accesory



Temperature Measurement Features

Various Measurement Functions

  • Spot tracking,⊿T: Display temperature measurements of 5 points, hot/col spot tracking and ⊿T.


  • MAX/MIN/AVG Temperature: Display temperatures of measuring points and mx/min/avg in specified boxes in real time.
  • Internal emissivity table: Internal emissivity table enables easy setting of camera emissivity values.


  • Spot tracking,⊿T: Display temperature measurements of 5 points, hot/col spot tracking and ⊿T.


  • Emissivity correction: Each point's emissivity can be set independently.
  • Line profile: X-Y line profile


Full Radiometric Movie Recording on SD Card

A maximum of 10 frames/second of video data can be recorded on SD card without a PC.  Temperature data on the video can be analyzed with included software.  R300SR series cameras can capture thermal images of production line/production equipment such as a metallic mold, an injection-molding machine, or an object that moves at high speeds.



Both Thermal and Visual Images Are Captured Simultaneously

Transfer thermal images to a PC at 60 frames/second via USB2.0. Capture real-time and visual images and simultaneously analyze thermography.




Event Trigger Recording (External and Alarm-Triggered)

 The event trigger recording function enables a simple system to be built.

Capture triggered by external signal.

Capturing of the Thermal images and Visual images or recording of the Video (Thermal images only) will start at the external signal.

Alarm triggered recording 

Record Thermograghy data according to a preset measurement condition.


Application example
[Evaluation of the metallic mold design ]

Surface temperature of the mold is measured at the time of the trigger signal provided by opening and/or shutting of the mold.

Application example
[Environmental examination]

In environmental tests of PWB, thermal image capture will start from an internal trigger that occurs when an  abnormal temperature is measured.



Rich functions are provided for both On-line and Off-line analysis requirements.  For example, the high performance on-line analysis software NS9500PROfessional (standard accessory) provides Thermal Image and Visual Image Real-time Measurement, Analysis and Report output


On-line Analysis Sofware is Standard



Analysis (offline)



3 kinds of graphs



• Radiated heat capacity calculation

  Calculate theradiated heat capacity of the specific figure domain and analyse the heat loss from the object


• Length/Square measure calculation

  Input the distance to object, and length/square measure of the setting figure on the object can be calculated


Panoramic Thermal Image

From six (6) continuous frames a highly accurate panoramic image can be synthesized.



Default Report Template can be easily edited

Freely modifiable reporting formats using WORD or EXCEL

allow adding company logo, etc.


Extensive post-analysis features upon user defined graphics, including calculation of length, are & heat quantity


Dimensions of Measuring Distance and F.O.V.

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