I. RM1100 - Compact High Speed Data Aquisition Recordery

Quick overview

Compact Portable Data Recorder

The Compact RM1100 Portable Data Recorder provides reliable data collection in challenging environments. A large 7-inch wide TFT LCD color touch screen display and refined GUI are ideal for quick Setup, Data Capture and Playback. Coupled with Real Time, Memory and SD Recording Modes plus up to 1µsec sampling rate, the RM1100 reliably handles the most demanding high speed applications. Data is stored to be Internal Memory or an SD Card. Bluetooth transmission to a Thermal Printer is available. 

Product Features

  • Four (4) or Eight (8) Data & Logic Input Channels
    • Four (4) or Eight (8) Channels of both Voltage/Temperature and Logic Inputs
  • Color Touch Display offers Easy Operation
    • Dynamic Waveforms are Displayed on 7" Wide Color TFT LCD Display
    •  Touch Panel Screen Simplifies Use
  • Measurement Capability
    • Three (3) Measuring Modes: Real-Time/Paper, Memory (Snap-Shot) and Storage 
    • Memory Recording with up to 1µs Sampling Speed
    • Long Term Recording to SD Card and Thermal Printer*
  • Excellent Portability
    • Long Term Continuous Operation with Rechargeable Battery* 
    • Lightweight (approx. 1.5kg, 3.3lbs) with Full Feature Measurement Capability
    • Up to ±500V Full Scale
  • Built Tough
    • Compact, Tough Case Resists Shock and Drop 
    • Withstands Continuous Vibration Environments such as On-Board Vehicle Tests
    • Wide Operating Temperatures: - 20°C to +60°C/IP54 (+5°F to +140°F) 
    • Exceeds MIL-STD-810F 

*Battery, Charger, Thermal Printer and SD Card are optional.


ITEM RM1101 RM1102
Display 7" TFT LCD Display (800 x 480 dots)
Operation Panel Touch Screen
Input Channel Voltage/Temperature 4 Channels 8 Channels
Logic 4 Channels 8 Channels
Sampling Speed 1 Channels Max 1MS/s (1µsec) Max 1MS/s (1µsec)
2 Channels Max 500kS/s (2µsec) Max 500kS/s (2µsec)
4 Channels Max 200kS/s (5µsec) Max 200kS/s (5µsec)
8 Channels - Max 100kS/s (10µsec)
Trigger Source Channel 4 Channels + 4 Logic Channels 8 Channels + 8 Logic Channels
Detecting Mode OR, AND, OFF, TIMER
Type of Trigger (Analog) Level Trigger, Window
Memory Internal Memory 2,000,000 Data/Channel
External Memory SD Card (Compatible with SDHC Class 6)
Communication Interface LAN (10/100BASE-T)
External Control Terminals REC ON/OFF, TRIGGER-IN, TRIGGER-OUT,  MARK-IN
Operating Environment Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Humidity -4°F to +140°F
Vibration Resistance 35 to 80% RH
Dust-Proof / Splash Proof Construction Compatible with MIL-STD-810G 514.5C-1
Power Supply External DC Power 12VDC (with power cable: 8.5 ~ 24VDC)
AC Adapter IN 100 ~ 240VAC (50/60Hz)
Battery Optional Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries with AC Adapter
Power Consumption Approx. 9W Approx. 11W
Dimensions 267(W) x 152(H) x 84(D)mm (excluding projections)
Weight 1.5kg or less (excluding battery)

ITEM RM1101 RM1102
Measurement Mode Memory Mode For Saving on Memory
Filing Mode For Long-Term Saving on SD Card
Real-Time Mode For Printing Out to an External Printer
Memory Mode Memory Recording Sampling Speed 1µs to 1s
Memory Capacity 2,000,000 Data/Channel
Memory Dicision Division 1 to 100 div
Number of Data 1,000 to 20,000; 1,000 to 2,000,000 Data
Memory Filing Storage Device SD Card
Data Form Data is saved on SD Card in Binary Format everytime when it in stored in Memories
Waveform Printing Printing Density Time Axis 8 dots/mm
Voltage axis 8 dots/mm
Copy Magnification x100, x50, x20, x10, x5, to x1/10,000
Real-Time Mode Printer Print out to anb Optional Thermal Printer via a Single Purpose Cable
Recording Speed  Max. 10mm/sec
Recording Division 1, 2, 4 Divisions 1, 2, 4, 8 Divisions
Time Axis Numeric Value (Number of Divisions), Time (from Start Recording) and Clock are Prtinted
Recording Resolution Time Axis Max. 8 dots/mm
Voltage Axis 8 dots/mm
Filing Mode Memory Mode SD Card
Data Format Sampling Data, Peak Data
Recording Methos Normal or Ring Recording (repeated recording during preset time) Selectable
X-Y Recording Drawing Speed 100ms to 1s
Number of X-Y Display Max 3 X-Y Displays (specify optional 3Ch for X and Y Axis)
Recording Size 100x 100mm
Recording Resolution 800 x 800 dots (80 dots/DIV)

ITEM RM1101 RM1102
Measured Date Display (Replay Monitor) Y-T Display Waveform Division 1 to 4 Divisions 1 to 8 Divisions
Display Magnification x100 to x1/10,000 (Peak Style is not Enlarged)
Thumbbnail Function Display Whole Data of Selected One Channel on Thumbnail Bar
Numeric Display 4Ch + Logic 4Ch 8Ch + Logic 8 Ch
Search Function Search by Cursor, Time, Address and Event
X-Y Display Channel Number X-Axis (3Ch) Printout Displayed Waveforms
Y-Axis (3Ch)
Printout Function Y-T Display Data Information Measuring Mode, Year/Month/Day, Measurement Start Time, Data Number, Trigger Conditions (Trigger Point, Trigger Data, Trigger Time), Sampling Speed, Paper Speed, Time Axis can be printed with Waveforms, ON/OFF Selectable
Channel Information Print Input Unit Settings when saved. ON/OFF Selectable
Mark Print Filing Mode, Real-Time Mode, Mark (Date/Time) Print
Line Width for Printing Select Base Line Boldness for Each Channel (1, 2, 3 or 4 dots)
Screen Copy Print Screen Image on Recording Paper
Other Specifications

Multiple Language Menu 10 Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
Timer Function Start Time, End Time and Interval can be set
Reverse Display Provided
Save/Readout of Setting Internal Memory Up to four (4) Conditions
SD Card Up to Available Storage Space
Screen Image Saving Save Screen Image on SD Card at BMP Format (colored)
Brightness Control & Auto Off Provided
Reading Values Between Cursors MAX, MIN, AVG, P-P, RMS
Key Lock Provided

ITEM RM1101 RM1102
Temperature Input

Input Channel 4 Ch 8 Ch
Input Terminal M3 Screw Terminal Block
Thermocouple R, T, J, K, W
Cold Junction Internal / External Switchable
Cold Junction Compensation within ±2°C (within ±1°C at stable temperature of 20°C at input terminal)
Measuring Range R Type Thermocouple R1760

0° ~ 1760°C

+32° ~ +3200°F

T Type Thermocouple T400

-200° ~ +400°C

+328° ~ +752°F

J Type Thermocouple J1100

-200° ~ +1100°C

+328° ~ +2012°F

K Type Thermocouple K500

-200° ~ +500°C

+328° ~ +932°F


-200° ~ +1370°C

-328° ~ +2498°F

W Type Thermocouple W2300

0° ~ +2300°C

+32° ~ +4172°F

Range Accuracy within ±0.5% FS
Fequency Characteristics DC to 50kHz (+0.5, within -3dB)
Low Pass Filter 2 Pole Bessel Type, -12dB/oct 5Hz, 50Hz, 500Hz, 50kHz
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) 60dB or more (at short input, 60Hz)
Temperature Stability within ±0.04% F/°C: when used as temp amp/gain (R1760, T400, K500 Range)
Withstand Voltage 1.5kVAC (50/60Hz), 1min between input terminal - case or terminals
A/D Convereter Resolution MAX, MIN, AVG, P-P, RMS
Conversion Speed Provided

ITEM RM1101 RM1102
Logic Input

Number of Channels 4 Ch 8 Ch
Input Connector Circle DIN Mini Connector 1pc Circle DIN Mini Connector 2pc
Input Logic Input (Isolated: Between Ch - Case)
Voltage Input Input Voltage Range 0 to +5V (with Logic Cable: Input Voltage 0 to 24V)
Detecting Level

Short (H) Approx. 2.5V or more
Open (L) Approx. 0.5V or less
Input Current 1µA
Contact Input Detection Level Short (H) 250Ω or less
Open (L) 2kΩ or more
Load Current Max 2mA
Fequency Characteristics within 1µs (at input "H", level +5V or higher)
Low Pass Filter Record '1' or '0' when Logic Level is 'H' or 'L' respectively
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) Between Input Terminal - Ground: 100MΩ or more
Withstand Voltage Between Input Terminal - Ground: 500VAC for 1 minute


Type Thermal Line Dot
Dot/Line 832 dots / line
Resolution 8 dots/mm
Paper Width 112mm
Print Width 104mm
Paper Type Rolled Paper
Power Source AC Adapter (exclusive), Optional Li-Ion Battery
Communication Type Serial
Operation Temperature At Discharge 0 to +50°C
At Charge 0 to +35°C
Humidity 30 to 80% RH (non-condensing)
Printer Lifetime 50km
Dimensions 145(W) x 135(D) x 58(H) mm

Approx. 400g (excluding AC Adapter and Battery)

Standard Sccessories AC Adaptor, Operation Manual, Recording Paper Cable (for an optional terminal printer via a single-purpose cable)

Omnilight II RM1100 Series Main Unit:

Item Model Option Code Description and Remarks
Omnilight II RM1101 -   4Ch Type
RM1102 -   8Ch Type
Standard Accessories 1x AC Power Cable (AC Adapter), 1x PC Software CD, 1x Operation Manual

Optional Units:

Item Model Description and Remarks
Battery Pack T2UR18650F5928B Li-Ion, DC7.4V, 2500mAh *RM1100 series requires two (2) batteries
Battery Charger NC-LSC05-110V AC100-110V (50/60Hz) *for charging one (1) battery at a time
NC-LSC05-220V AC220-240V (50/60Hz) *for charging one (1) battery at a time
Splash-Resistant Cover RM11-402  
Carrying Case RM11-403  
Display Arm Mount RM11-405  
SDHC Memory Card RM11-452 2GB, industrial use (for saving setting conditions & measured data)
RM11-453 4GB, industrial use (for saving setting conditions & measured data)
RM11-454 8GB, industrial use (for saving setting conditions & measured data)
Signal Input Cable 0311-5175 Length: 2m, insulated BNC connector and alligator clip (+: red; +: black)
0311-5198 Length: 2m, insulated BNC connector without clip
0311-5200 Length: 2m, insulated BNC connector and metal BNC connector
Logic Input Cable 0311-5332 Logic IC Cord (1pc)
0311-5337 IC Clip Cord (4pcs/set)
0311-5336 Alligator Clip Cord (4pcs/set)
AC / DC Voltage Detector 1539S for Converting Voltage Inputs (up to 4) into Logic Signals H or L
AC Voltage Level Detector 1540S for Pulse Output of Fluctuation (±10%, ±20%) in 100/120VAC
1543S for Pulse Output of Fluctuation (±10%, ±20%) in 220/240VAC
Voltage Output Cable 0311-5004 Length: 1.5m, Connectors: Pin Tip and Banana Plug
Voltage Output Extension Cable 0311-5006 Length: 1.4m, Connectors: Pin Tip and Pin Tip Jack
BNC Adaptor 0243-3021 Isulated BNC Connector and S Terminal Plug

Optional Units:

Item Model Description and Remarks
AC / DC Clamp Meter 2009R¹ for High Current (2000A, 400A / DC and 30 to 1kHz, Φ55)
Clamp Adaptor 8113² for Medium Current (200A, 20A, 2A / DC to 1kHz, Φ19)
8112² for Low Current (20A, 2A, 0.2A / 40 ~ 10kHz, Φ8)
AC / DC Clamp Sensor 8115² for Low Current (AC130A, DC180A / DC, 40 ~ 1kHz, Φ12)
Signal Input Cable (for Clamp Meter Output) 0311-5184³ Length: 1.95m, Small Plug for Microphone and Insulated BNC

¹ Use Signal Input Cable (0311-5184) if connecting output from 2009R to RM1100

² Use a BNC Adapter (0243-3021) if connecting output from 8112, 8113 and 8815 to RM1100

³ Cable for Inputting Output from 2009R to Isolated BNC Connector of RM1100

Optional Units:Inspection Certificate with Data Sheet:

Item Model Description and Remarks
Inspection Sheet with Data for RM1101 5694-2063  
Inspection Sheet with Data for RM1102 5694-2065  

Optional Units:

Item Model Description and Remarks
Thermal Printer RM11-440-B01 for AC110-110V
RM11-440-C01 for AC220-240V
Standard Accessories   1x AC Power Cable (AC Adapter), 1x Recording Paper Roll, 1x Operation Manual
Battery Pack for Printer BP-L0720-A1-E Li-Ion, DC7.4V, 2000mAh
Battery Charger for Printer PWC-L07A1-W1-E AC100-240V (50/60Hz)
AC Power Cable for Battery Charger CB-US04-18A-E-B for AC100-110V
CB-CE01-18B-E-B for AC220-240V
Cable for Printer 0311-5335 Spare Cable
Recording Paper YPS118 Paper Roll: 11.2mm x 25m (10 Rolls/Box)

*Above specifications are subject to change without notice

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Manufacturer: Nippon Avionics