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Quick overview

Robot Driver for Automatic Transmission Vehicles

A robot driver for automatic transmission vehicles for computer controlled driving of cars on test stands. Humanlike drive style and highest grade of repeatability used for emission tests, mileage accumulation, and climate tests, etc. Different levels of systems and different interfaces are available.



  • Stand - alone operation or fully intergrated to cell host computer system

  • Emission system: Selectable human drive styles and highest level of repeatability and accuracy following speed traces

  • Various standard drive cycles in standard delivery

  • Windows User Interface (GUI) with

    • Various graphs, preview, displays, editors & dialogs for comfortable operation
    • Different user levels with restricted operation levels
    • Remote operation capability (GUI to GUI communications)
    • Intergrated data acquisiton and dat analysis
  • Automated mode / Manual drive mode / Manual Set-point mode / Remote modes

  • Several safety features such as skid / aux signal / vehicle status monitoring

  • Several closed loop modes such as

    • Speed / engine RPM / throttle trace / throttle & clutch trace / Force / MAP / Shift force
  • Shortest installation time< 4 minutes (depending on vehicle and actuator configuration)

  • Left-hand drive (LHD) and Righ-hand drive (RHD) all kinds of M/T and A/T floor shifters

  • Auto teach mode for pedal actuator strokes, gear positions and ignition key (Keyboy SBE)

  • Modular actuator design

  • Fail safe Accelerator and brake and Keyboy (SBX) to be returnes to unloaded pedal position and ignition off position in case of emergency off or power failure


TECHNICAL DATA (condensed)
Accelerator 150mm 1.0m/sec 200 N
Brake 150mm 0.7m/sec 350 N
clutch 210mm 1m/sec 250 N
Shift X (select) 200mm 1.5m/sec 300 N
Shift X (gate) 250mm 1.5m/sec 300 N

Operation Temp. Range -40° ... +80°C

Various digital and analog input & output Signals for integration and data logging


Robot Driver System for

- Exhaust Emission tests - Emission correlation

- Emission Certification

- Fuel economy tests - R&D; tests - Running losses tests
- Mileage accumulation - Endurance tests - Powertrain tests
- Transmission tests - Synchro durability tests - Accoustic tests
- Climate test - ECU and TCU calibration


  • Column shift actuator for full range and BMW tip lever support
  • Push button "dash board shift" actuator
  • Key actuators
    • KEYBOY SBX: Fail-safe / KEYBOY SBE: Auto teach / Push-button actuator
  • Host computer interfaces
    • Serial: entended AK protocol / TCP /IP: extended AK protocol / TCP /IP: SCPI protocol
    • TCP/IP: OPC Server /Client
    • Hybrid bit - parallel & analog interface

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Manufacturer: Stähle