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5th Wheel Speed Sensor for Chassis Dynamometer

5th Wheel Sensor for independent measurement of roller surface velocity independent sensor system to measure the surface velocity of chassis dynamometer. Optical RPM and signal transmission. TTL - Level Digital Pulse Output.

Application Independent sensor system to measure the surface velocity of chassis dynamometer for correlation testing and signal calibration.
Sensor system to be used with AUTOPILOT system to run correlation tests completely independent to cell signals.

TTL - level digital pulse output
Setup The 5th wheel is fixed spring loaded onto the roller surface. It is mounted to a articulated fixture with a central locking screw.
Sensor System Optical encoder system and fiber optical transmission to converter box.
Specification 5th wheel
Diameter 126mm
Pulse / raft 74
Max. velocity 250km/h (= 12.9 kHz)
Operating temperature -10°C to +80°C
Converter box
portable box
Signal output TTL
Power supply 85 - 265VAC, 25W
System Extensions (Extract) Integrated frequency/voltage converter with display


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Manufacturer: Stähle