Mild Steel Plate (Ni Plating) + Copper

Guideline of the Weldability of the Material and Electrode Material

Weldability Very Difficult
Upper Electrode Cu-Cr-Zr (Equivalent to RWMA-2)
Lower Electrode W100% (Equivalent to RWMA-13)
Special Note

Not enough welding strength.

Allows adhesion however bond is weak as weld nugget is not created.

Physcial Property

Fe (Ni) Mild Steel Plate (Ni Plating)
(Ni) Melting Point 1455°C
(Ni) Electrical Resistivity 6.8x10-8Ω•m
(Ni) Thermal Conductivity 90.7 W/(m•K)
(Fe) Melting Point 1535°C
(Fe) Electrical Resistivity 9.7x10-8Ω•m
(Fe) Thermal Conductivity 80.2 W/(m•K)


Cu Copper
Melting Point 1084°C
Electrical Resistivity 1.7x10-8Ω•m
Thermal Conductivity

401 W/(m•K)