Mild Steel Plate (Zn Plating) +Aluminium Alloy (ex. Duralumin)

Guideline of the Weldability of the Material and Electrode Material

Weldability Acceptable
Upper Electrode Cu-Cr-Zr (Equivalent to RWMA-2)
Lower Electrode Cu-Cr-Zr (Equivalent to RWMA-2)
Special Note

Not enough welding strength.

Generating a stick instead of a nugget.

Coating has a chance to melt or burn.

Physcial Property

Fe (Zn) Mild Steel Plate (Zn Plating)
(Zn) Melting Point 420°C
(Zn) Electrical Resistivity 5.9x10-8Ω•m
(Zn) Thermal Conductivity 116 W/(m•K)
(Fe) Melting Point 1535°C
(Fe) Electrical Resistivity 9.7x10-8Ω•m
(Fe) Thermal Conductivity 80.2 W/(m•K)


AI alloy Aluminium Alloy
Melting Point ≈660°C
Electrical Resistivity 78x10-8Ω•m
Thermal Conductivity

≈225 W/(m•K)