Picture of TS9260/TS9230 - Fixed Mount IR Cameras

TS9260/TS9230 - Fixed Mount IR Cameras

Quick overview

high performance(320x240) Infrared Thermography

Designed for Fixed Mount applications including FA, PCB Design and Testing, & Monitoring Production Lines, Fluid Levels, Castings, Security/Night Surveillance, plus...Fixed Mount Type Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with built-in NEC UFPA Detector with high resolution of 320 x 240, Alarm Output that detects abnormal temperature conditions and outputs on an alarm event

Accuracy: ±2% (reading) or ±2°C, up to 60Hz real time recording, and a standard RS-232C interface.

Options Include: IEEE 1394 and Ethernet Interfaces, temperature range to 2000°C, telephoto and wide angle lenses, auto focus, and software development kit for system intergration.

Weight: 1.0kg (2.2lb).


Product Features

  • Built-In NEC UFPA Detector
    • TS9260: High Resolution: 640 x 480
    • TS9230: High Performance 320 x 240
  • Basic Performance
  • Compact and Light Weight
    • TS9260: 80 x 87 x 211mm; 1.2kg
    • TS9230: 65 x 65 x 208: 1.0kg (with 21° Manual Lens)
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Ethernet & IEEE 1394
  • Alarm Output - Detects Abnormal Temperature Conditions and Outputs on Alarm Event. Feature Provides Overall System Cost Reduction
  • High Performance - Optimizes Powerful Performance for each Application to Deliver Repeatable Temperature Measurments
  • Many Tailored Options - Protective Housing, Lenses, Interfaces, Peripherals, Software Development Kit, etc.


Item TS9260 TS9230
Temperature Range

-40º to +500ºC

Range One (1): -40º to +120ºC

Range Two (2): 0º to +500ºC

Select either Standard or Optional

Option: +200º to +2000ºC

NETD 0.08º at 30ºC (30Hz) 0.08º at 30ºC (60Hz)
Accuracy ±2% (Reading) or ±2ºC
Spectral Range 8 to 14µm

NEC 640 x 480



NEC 320 x 240



Field of View (Standard Lens) 21.7º(H) x 16.4ºC (V)
I.F.O.V (Standard Lens) 0.6mrad 1.2mrad
Focus (Standard Lens) 30cm to Infinity
Frame Rate 30 frames/sec 60 frames/sec
A/D Resolution 14-bit
Measuring Function

Run/Freeze, Auto Level/Sence, Level Trace,

Auto Gain Control

S/N Improvement Σ2, 8, 16

Emissivity/Environment Temperature/


Display Functions

Color/White and Black/Posi/Nega

ISO Thermal: Maxium Four($) Bands

Multilingual Menu

Image Processing Function

Level Sense, Multi-Point (10), Multi-Emissivity

(10), Max/Min Temperature Display, Alarm

Image Filter (Median, Sharpness,etc.)

Image Output Composite Video (NTSC/PAL)


Option: IEEE1394a (6pin)

Option: Ethernet (100/10 BASET)

**Users can select only one (1) of

IEE1394 or Ethernet

Operating Temperature -15º to +50ºC
Operating Humidity 90%RH or less (non condensing)
Storage Temperature -40º to +70ºC
Storage Humidity 90%RN or less (non condensing)
Power Supply 11 to 13VDC
Power Consumption 10W (TYP)¹ 8W (TYP)¹
Shock 294m/s²
Vibration 29.4m/s²
Environmental Protection IP54 (IEC600529)
Dimensions 80 x 87 x 211mm¹ 65 x 65 x 208mm
Weight 1.2kg¹ 1.0kg¹

¹ With 21 Manual Focus Lens and IEEE1394 Interface

ITEM TS9260 TS9230
High Temperature Range *3 +200°C to 2000°C
Protection Housing Operating Temperature: -15°C to +50°C; Cool & Purge Air
IEEE1394*3 Frame Rate 30Hz 60Hz
Ethernet *3 Frame Rate 7.5Hz 30Hz
Lens *3 Telephoto Lens 10.5° 10.5°
Wide Angle Lens 45° 30°
Software Development Kit Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows Vista Compatible

*3 Select when ordering

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Manufacturer: Nippon Avionics