Compacting Unit

This equipment applies welding to the cores of the insulated cable to each other, and also applies combined tack welding to the terminal of the cable units.

  • The directly above pressure mechanism prevents the deflection.
  • Power supply from the jumper reduces the impact of the load from the feed cable, and makes the welding pressure stable.
  • Applicable Welding Power Supply

Head Pressure Range 100 -600N
Pressure Way Spring
Driving Method Air Cylinder
Applicable Electrode Size Tip Width: 0.5 - 2.0mm
Clamp Clamp Method Mechanical clamp air cylinder
Applicable Wire Size

0.52 -5.26mm2 (AWG 20-10)

0.5sq - 5.5sq

Dimensions/Weight Head: W300 x D400 x H730mm Controller: W320 x D430 x H200mm Approx. 60kg