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Inverter Type Welding Power Supplies

Inverter Type

Inverter Type Welding Power Supplies offer fast response to changes during the welding process due to Real-Time feedback control. The resultant, highly stablized Power Supply optimizes Inverter Type Resistance Welders for use in Precisiion Welding of Electronic Parts.

Product Features:

  • Multiple Control Mode (Constant-Current, Voltage, Power)
  • Long Welding Times - Up to 3 seconds
  • Graphic Display of Welding Waveform on Large LCD
  • Welding Waveform Storage
  • Pre-Weld Check Function
  • Supports 400VAC Power Sources (NRW-IN8400)
  • Monitor Muliple Units
  • Over 100 Monitoring Patterns
  • External Printer is Available


NRW-IN4200 NRW-IN8400
Welder Transformer
NT-IN4400 NT-IN8400/NT-IN4400
Maximum Current
4000A 8000A/4000A
Control Frequency
Control Mode
Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power Fixed Pulse Width
Range of Timer Setting

Pre, 1st, 2nd, UP, WELD, DOWN

Total Time: 0.5 ~ 3000ms

Setting Range for Weld Type
Current 0.4 ~ 4.1KA 0.4 ~ 8.2KA/0.4 ~ 4.1KA
Voltage 0.4 ~ 4.1V 0.4 ~ 6.2V/0.4 ~ 4.1V
Power 0.2 ~ 8.2KW 0.2 ~ 24.6KW/0.2 ~ 8.2KW
Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance, Monitoring
Trace Monitoring
Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Display of Wave Form
Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Number of Condition
Power Source
AC200 ~ 230V AC380 ~ 415V (Option: AC200 ~ 230V)
170(W) x 350(D) x 265(H) mm 170(W) x 350(D) x 265(H) mm
14kg 19kg


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