Custom-built Equipment

We Offer Custom Equipment Designs and Manufacturing Tailored to Fit the Needs of Our Customers

Ultrasonic Clear File Welder (Ultrasonic Direct Welding)

Soundproofing Unit

Simple Press Unit for Handy Welder

Multi-type Ultrasonic Welder for Long Objects (Ultrasonic Direct Welding)

On Demand Sealer (Ultrasonic Seam Welding)

Mesh Ultrasonic Melt Cutting Equipment (Ultrasonic Melt Cutting)

XYZ-Direct Robot-type Staking Equipment (Ultrasonic Staking/Insert)

Bolt Nut Insert Equipment (High-frequency Induction Heating)

Manufactured by Nippon Future Co. Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Avionics Co. Ltd.)