Ultrasonic Welder

Ultrasonic welder uses ultrasonic energy to perform various thermoplastic welding and metal joining. It consists of an ultrasonic generator and the main unit of the welder (press).

Products offered include a wide range of output models from a compact 40W unit to the world's highest in class 8,000W unit to meet customer needs.

High power, yet stable oscillation, helps to weld wide area in a short time in one action.

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Basic Plastic Welder W3000 Series

Useful to Various Applications Easy-to-operate desk top press type
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High-performance Plastic Welder W5000 Series

Displacement and Energy Amount are Feedback Controlled
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Small Class Ultrasonic Welder W3011 Series

Ideal for Welding and Staking of Small Sized Parts Output Power/Frequency Range: 500 W to 800 W; 50 kHz to 20 kHz
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Ultrasonic Handheld Welder W2005-28/40

Small, Light Weight and Easy Operation Handheld Welder. Offers Continuously Variable Amplitude Time
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