Technology Introduction

High Power Ultrasonic Welders Offer Quality Welds over Large Areas Using Only "One" Action!

Multi-head Drive

  • When Multiple Transducers are Connected in Series, One Generator Controls the Resonant Frequency and Driving Power of Several Transducers.
  • Long and Large Size Horn can be Used for a Welding of Large Area, which was Previously Welded by Several Horns.
  • Adjustment and Conditioning are Simplified.

16 kW Ultrasonic Welding

  • In Order to Handle Welding of Large Objects, We are Developing Practical Use of 16 kW Ultrasonic Welding Equipment
  • Large Work can be Welded with Sufficient Melting Margin.
  • This Ongoing Development Contributes to Improved Productivity

L-R Conversion Ultrasonic Welding

  • By Utilizing the Principle of Converting the Vibration Power from Longitudinal Direction to Radius Direction by Making the Horn Disc Shaped, It is Rotated Together with the Transducer
  • Continuous Seal/Seam Welding of Film and Non-woven Cloth is Made Using the Ultrasonic Wheel Horn Design

Mold Separation Using Ultrasonic Generator Unit

  • In Plastic Molding, Ultrasonic Energy is Applied to a Mold to Allow Easy Removal of the Molded Product
  • Ejection Pins and Mold Release Agent will No Longer be Required
  • Damage to Lens and Other Molded Products can be Minimized

Model W3012 - Mold Ultrasonic Generator

  • 500 W, 27 kHz Type
  • With Amplitude Adjustment Dial
  • Φ60 STAVAX Mold Vibration can be Made

Manufactured by Nippon Future Co. Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Avionics Co. Ltd.)