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Featured products

A. R300SR - Super Resolution IR Camera

Full Featured Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with Super Resolution
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B. Resistance and Pulse Heat Welders

Capacitor Discharge Type Welding Power Supply by AVIO
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C. SAP2000 - Vehicle Driving Robots

Robot Driver for Manual and Automatic Transmission Vehicles.
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D. TA220-2300AMF - Data Aquisition Recorders

Choice of Plug-in Signal Conditioning Modules to monitor Voltage, Temperature, AC & DC Strain, Current, Vibration, RMS.
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E. G120EX/G100EX - General Purpose IR Cameras

New EX Series with Upgraded Performance
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F. IRV-T0831 - Uncooled Terahertz Imaging Camera

FPA based, palm size and light weight real-time THz imager
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G. F30 - Compact IR Cameras

Pocket sized, economical Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera breakthrough.
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H. G30 - Compact IR Cameras for Tool Box

Economical Infrared Thermal Imager for General Inspections
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I. RM1100 - Compact High Speed Data Aquisition Recordery

Compact Portable Data Recorder
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J. S30 - Network Enabled IR Process Cameras

Fix Mount Infrared Camera
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L. 4202A - Compact Strip Chart Recorders

Two (2) Pen Portable Strip Chart Recorder.
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M. C200/C210 - OEM IR Modules

Thermal Imaging Camera Module
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N. R300Z - High Resolution IR Cameras w/ x16 Optical / Digital Zoom

Telephoto & wide-angle fully radiometric infrared images, 4x optical plus 4x digital
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O. TS9260/TS9230 - Fixed Mount IR Cameras

high performance (320x240) Infrared Thermography
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